We are running this foundation to help out the children with autism. Autism is due to the dysfunction of the nerves reaching the brain. These disorders of brain development are characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors. The clearest evidence of the environmental risk factors of autism involves events before and during birth. They include advanced parental age at time of conception (both mom and dad), maternal illness during pregnancy, extreme prematurity, very low birth weight and certain difficulties during birth, particularly those involving periods of oxygen deprivation to the baby’s brain. Mothers exposed to high levels of pesticides and air pollution may also be at higher risk of having a child with autism.

Autism Siblings

About us

We are based in Sri Lanka and we have been implicated in this research of ayurvedic medecines from our ascendants.

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Our Experience

We have made autism children improve in their behaviour.

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We are receiving donations from people from different countries as they have obtained positive results from our products and support.

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We have made a 19-year-old boy less aggressive and autonomous.

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Autism in not a puzzle, nor a disease. Autism is a challenge, but certainly not a devastating one.

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